Thursday, April 28, 2011

Making Money From Paid Surveys - Increasing Your Odds Of Success

Evidence has shown that your blog can make you money if you put your mind to it and know what you are doing. But how do you go about making your blog a money spinner. The fact of the matter is that you can make money but it all depends on the blogger and the attitude he/she employs to his/her writing that will measure the rate of success in making money. Blogs are a great way to generate an unending flow of dollars to your account if properly done.

By the way, I should tell you that the site is a paid membership site to protect the women who post their profiles. This makes sense, but it also ensures that you don't get fake profiles.

Developing applications can be a hugely profitable business and you may now discover how to make an app for the iPad. The apps can be downloaded from iTunes and stored on the device. Once you've discovered how to make an app for the iPad and published it into iTunes, you could start to make money right away.

You can charge them a small fee for rebranding and if you own a monthly paid membership site or service, this can very well be your other source of income, too! They will have incentive to get you money you would normally not be to get without some serious effort on your part.

When you post in Blogger, you can only "ping" a limited how to make money from a paid membership site of sites, whereas with Wordpress on your own domain you can ping as many blog directories as you want, and start getting more traffic.

With a Blogger account, you can get additional features like "Shout Boxes" that improve interaction on your site. You can also get pretty themes and nifty little tools that you can add to the core template files. However, that's as far as you can go with Blogger.

So cut your teeth in the real world, then figure out how to take this on-line. That's true of anything you do on-line, but particularly for something as big an investment as a membership site.